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  • Ann V. Corbett, Wedding Officiant
  • William J. Corbett, Sr. – Retired Judge & Wedding Officiant


Why Include A Special Ceremony Within Your Wedding Ceremony?

Why include a special ceremony such as the Unity Candle Ceremony or Unity Sand Ceremony in the Wedding Ceremony? Bill and I have found that short, meaningful ceremonies offer a unique way to: include loved ones in the wedding capture keepsake memories on video and in photos. incorporate cultural, religious or family traditions share feelings […]

Weddings at Home: Part Two

In my first blog I talked about officiating at theme weddings that were held in private homes. I have found home weddings to be unique and all of them memorable, but a few do stand out in my mind and I will tell you why. This first story begins with my husband Bill being asked […]

Weddings at Home: Part One

Throughout the year, Bill and I perform weddings not only in particular public venues but also in private homes and residences. It could be the bride’s or groom’s home, the parent’s home, a grandparent’s condo or a rented house in the Hamptons. Weddings in a home are among our most memorable. I will write another […]

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William Corbett Sr performs the ceremony (1:28)

Wedding Officiants

It is an Honor to Perform a Wedding Ceremony

Bill and I, as Marriage Officiants, have the honor of performing weddings in New York State and New York City and beyond.  Bill is a Retired Judge and I am a Former Village Mayor, but we are also recognized as Ministers, qualified to perform religious and faith-based wedding ceremonies in addition to civil wedding ceremonies.  […]

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Bill Corbett and Ann Corbett are qualified and experienced, and even more importantly, they are Marriage Officiants who are sensitive to the wishes and desires of the couple requesting that either Bill or Ann marry them. Both take pride in performing memorable and thoughtful wedding ceremonies.

Bill, a Retired Judge and Interfaith Officiant, has performed weddings for over 25 years. Ann, a Former Village Mayor and Interfaith Officiant, has performed weddings for 15 years. Both are licensed and registered Marriage Officiants and perform ceremonies on Long Island, in New York City and the metropolitan area, and throughout New York State.

Brides and Grooms are invited to come for a free consultation with the Officiant of their choice. Questions are answered about marriage licenses, ceremonies, witnesses, vows and wedding rings, inclusion of children, candle lighting, various popular ceremonies and other relevant topics.

Photo Gallery from Weddings by William and Ann Corbett