Why Include A Special Ceremony Within Your Wedding Ceremony?

Why include a special ceremony such as the Unity Candle Ceremony or Unity Sand Ceremony in the Wedding Ceremony?

Bill and I have found that short, meaningful ceremonies offer a unique way to:

  • include loved ones in the wedding
  • capture keepsake memories on video and in photos.
  • incorporate cultural, religious or family traditions
  • share feelings of love for each other in public
  • acknowledge the sanctity of marriage
  • remember love ones who have passed
  • embrace children and family life
  • evoke tender emotions
  • celebrate a life-changing milestone

These are just some of the many reasons couples decide to include special ceremonies or what are also referred to as “rituals” in a wedding ceremony.

The most popular ceremonies are the Unity Candle, Unity Sand, Embracing Children and the Glass-Breaking ceremonies. However, Bill and I perform all of these and variations of them as well as a number of other very wonderful ceremonies. Sometimes we change words or rewrite or augment a ceremony to suit the couple’s desires.

The following list will give readers an inkling of the different special ceremonies Bill and I have performed:

Jumping the Broom                                               

Presentations of Flowers to Loved Ones           

Irish Wedding Bell                                               

First Gift (Bride &Groom exchange red

Wedding Bell – Toll

Greek Orthodox Crowning

Asian Red Thread

Cambodian Red String

Italian Water and Seed  

Hispanic Coin

Shawl and Tying

Planting a Tree

Letter in a Box 

Wine and Letter in a Box

In Memoriam

Polish Bread and Salt

Irish Hand Fasting

Cana Wine


Tea Leaves

Asian Tea                   

Wedding Dove Release

Butterflies –Release

Garland (Hawaiian/Indian Versions)

American Indian Blanket

Roses (Gifts) for Mothers

Adaptations of the above and other ceremonies

All of the ceremonies mentioned have the potential of making a wedding beautiful and memorable. Why not explore the idea of including one or more of them? In reality the wedding ceremony itself is made up of three main parts or ceremonies: The Presentation of the Bride; Exchange of Vows and Exchange of Rings: these parts of the wedding can be adapted to meet circumstances and preferences.

Enjoy planning your wedding and don’t be afraid to explore the possibility of including a special ceremony. They are relatively short and the wording can be expected to be beautiful, memorable, meaningful, touching and sentimental in nature.