What to Expect:

annbillcorbettBill Corbett and Ann Corbett are qualified and experienced, and even more importantly, they are Marriage Officiants who are sensitive to the wishes and desires of the couple requesting that either Bill or Ann marry them. Both take pride in performing memorable and thoughtful wedding ceremonies.

Bill, a Retired Judge and Interfaith Officiant, has performed weddings for over 25 years. Ann, a Former Village Mayor and Interfaith Officiant, has performed weddings for 15 years.  Both are licensed and registered Marriage Officiants and perform ceremonies on Long Island, in New York City and the metropolitan area, and throughout New York State.

Brides and Grooms are invited to come for a free consultation with the Officiant of their choice.  Questions are answered about marriage licenses, ceremonies, witnesses, vows and wedding rings, inclusion of children, candle lighting, various popular ceremonies and other relevant topics.

Your Wedding

  • scan0032Creating the Wedding Ceremony
  • Process/Appointments/The Wedding Day

Once a couple expresses interest in the wedding services of Ann or Bill and makes contact with either of them, a sample Wedding Ceremony and their e-brochure “Information for Our Brides and Grooms” is e-mailed to the couple.  The Officiant’s role: his or her duties and responsibilities are outlined.  The services summarized pertain to meetings, a suitable and individualized planning of the wedding ceremony and other relevant activities leading up to and for the wedding day.

Creating a Wedding Ceremony

Every couple has a very personal concept of the perfect wedding ceremony.  A meeting with the Officiant provides an opportunity to have questions answered, to discuss the various types of ceremonies and options within the ceremony and to go over other relevant and and important information.  Crafting the wedding ceremony is a process that begins with the couple making an appointment for a free consultation.

37Wedding Ceremonies to Consider

  • Civil Ceremony
  • Traditional (Basic) Ceremony
  • Spiritual Ceremony
  • Religious Ceremony
  • Nondenominational Ceremony
  • Interfaith Ceremony
  • Faith-Based Ceremony
  • Scripted Ceremony
  • Renewal of Vows Ceremony (celebration of a wedding anniversary)

Special Ceremonies, Rituals, Readings

Couples often want to include one or more special ceremonies, rituals or readings to personalize the wedding ceremony.  The nature of these enrichments may be cultural, ethnic, tribal, traditional, religious, spiritual, unifying or family-centered.  Some couples request a wedding ceremony with both Ann and Bill officiating, or one of them may be asked to officiate with another celebrant.

Carefully selected ceremonies, rituals and readings provide wonderful wedding day memories. The beautiful, tender and heartfelt moments can be captured on video or in photographs that can fill a keepsake album. They may include the Rose Presentations to Mothers; Unity Candle Lighting; Unity Sand; Chuppah Reading; Rose Presentations to Mothers; Embracing a Child(ren); Breaking the Glass; Jumping the Broom; Irish/Celtic Hand Fasting; Greek Orthodox Crowning; Asian Red Thread; Ringing of the Wedding Bell; and Sharing a Glass of Wine. Couples who want to include special readings have the option of asking one or more relatives or friends to recite poems, prayers or verses. Often, couples like to include a personal story about how they met and fell in love.

10Where We Perform Weddings

  • Long Island, New York City and Metropolitan Area
  • Rockland County, Westchester County
  • Wedding Catering Venues
  • Hotels/Country Clubs/Private Clubs
  • Upscale/Neighborhood Restaurants
  • Historic Sites
  • Museums
  • Private Homes/Backyards
  • Our Office
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  • Beaches/Overlooks
  • Cruise Ships
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  • Wineries
  • Destination Weddings